Musthafa Ebadi
About Me

I, Musthafa A. Ebadi, was born on September 14 as the first child of my parents. I have three younger brothers and a sister.

I currently live, with my wife Preeti, in Toronto, Canada while my family is back in the nation's capital, Ottawa.

I work as Support Centre Manager for a Microsoft Gold Partner and love what I do including business management, people management, client management, and financial management.

My hobbies include watching hockey, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and playing chess and poker.

I am very ambitious, competitive, fun loving, & have a never give up attitude.

I love going out with friends and also spending time with family
2 days ago
What a win by Golden State @warriors Down by 17 in the 3rd they comeback to win and sweep the series. 5th straight……
3 days ago
I maybe in a very small minority, but I can't understand why (almost) everyone is such a huge fan of #GameOfThrones?
3 days ago
Love this! My favorite phrase: 'Be All In, or be out'…
1 week ago
One my very proud moments!…
1 week ago
The passion that I hate the LEAFS with, is the same passion that I love (and try to emulate) Brendan Shanahan with.……