Musthafa Ebadi
About Me

I, Musthafa A. Ebadi, was born on September 14 as the first child of my parents. I have three younger brothers and a sister.

I currently live, with my wife Preeti, in Toronto, Canada while my family is back in the nation's capital, Ottawa.

I work as Support Centre Manager for a Microsoft Gold Partner and love what I do including business management, people management, client management, and financial management.

My hobbies include watching hockey, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and playing chess and poker.

I am very ambitious, competitive, fun loving, & have a never give up attitude.

I love going out with friends and also spending time with family
15 hours ago
Poor leaders know how to get compliance, great leaders know how to earn a commitment. #leadership
19 hours ago
The smartest people in the world know that the still have lots to learn. #leadership
2 days ago
"99 percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses." — George Washington #leadership
2 days ago
If your tomorrow is going to be better than your today then YOU are going to have to make it so. #leadership
4 days ago
Whether you hit a grand slam or you strike out on 3 pitches, there is always the next "At bat".