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4 Key Promises of a Leader!
by Musthafa Ebadi on August 25th, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have been in the business years now, and can proudly say that one of my greatest skills is people management. I have always led a team of highly motivated, upbeat, focused, and driven individuals! I have a track record of meeting or exceeding goals and objectives consistently - and I fully dedicate this achievement to group of people I call my TEAM!

As a leader I define my team as:

Trustworthy group of Individuals
Empowered to meet or exceed business objectives
Accountable to themselves and each other
Motivated to consistently achieve client expectations

The primary reason that I am able to get a buy in from each individuals to work as a team and exceed expectations is due to the amount of face time I spend with each member of my team. I also have a golden rule of four agreements that I make with each member of my team during our first one on one meeting. My promises are:

1. I will always tell the truth: I promise to look them in the eye and tell them the truth every time. There might be times where they might no like what they are hearing, or expect to hear something totally different, but they know they will always hear the truth. They will always know where they stand with me, with their performance, and with the team. This builds trust and credibility between employees and the manager. As leaders the onus is on us to take the first steps to build the relationship based on trust and of mutual respect.

2. I will not make promises I cannot keep: If they are expecting something from me I will always tell them upfront what are the chances of meeting their asks. I will promise to try my best to meet their expectation but I never make promises I know I cannot keep. Your team will appreciate your honesty and will reciprocate the same. There is nothing more damaging in a relationship between you and your employees if you cannot keep the promises that you make.

3. If you ask me for something, and I say no, I will always explain why: The third rule that has paid great dividends for me has been explaining to my team why I say no to certain things. As a business leader there are times in your operations where you will have to say no to something that someone is either looking for, asking, or proposing. You should always take your time and explain to them why you are saying no. You should genuinely listen to what they are saying, appreciate them taking initiative and proposing something, and try your best to see if you can incorporate their idea. If you cannot, make sure you explain. This critical rule is typically missed and often avoided.

4. I will explain the context of all important policies that effect you, and why they are important: As a business leader there also instances where a policy is shift in paradigm or a change in your existing procedure, even a change that impacts your team on a personal level. The difference between a manager & a leader is that a manager will announce the policy and expect the team to abide, but a leader will take the time to explain the context and the importance of the policy. If required the leader will meet one on one with each member of a team, listen to their objections, & understand their concerns , and also see what can be done to minimize the impact and effects

I have always ensured to abide the above four golden rules, and hence have always been successful in building teams of committed, loyal, and gung ho individuals.

Thanks for reading.

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