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Your Wold Is Chess Your Life is Poker!
by Musthafa Ebadi on December 15th, 2012

The title of the post can be misleading since  the game of poker is often lined with deception, lying, and bluffing however those are not all the elements of a poker game. 

My intent with this post isnt to encourage you to cheat, lie, or bluff your way in life but rather to illustrate how life is defined by series of moves we make. Illustrate how having a strategy and game plan can lead to a better and more successful life. 

One thing that both Chess and Poker have in common is that they both are games of strategy, games where you have to make a series of moves to get to your goal, and very often you cannot win with only one move! You have to be strategic, have a game plan, make the best of what you have, anticipate next moves, and always have a plan B if you want to succeed in either of the games. Life and this world are no different.  How?  

Your World Is Chess: 

If you have ever played a chess game you know that its a series of moves you make, series of moves you are considering, and series of moves you anticipate your opponent will make. You have an ultimate goal to check & mate the King! .
At any given time the state of the game is a result of moves you have made so far in the game! Also the game isn't over till its over! If you are in a great position few careless moves can tilt the game towards your opponent. Similarly if you are in a weak position focus, seizing opportunity, and patience can put you in a winning position

Your world is no different. Where you are in life is result of the moves you have made or havent made.... and some luck or lack of it! If you are contend with where you are look and see if its because of pure luck or is it because of planning and executing carefully, or combination of both? More likely than not its a combination of both. And the key to sustain the happiness is to continue to have the goal (in your case to sustain the happiness), plan your moves smartly, not losing focus, and anticipating the counter moves that this world might be making against you! 

If you are not happy with your world then again chances are good its due to combination of moves you have made and some bad luck or wrong  bounces along the way! Again the key for you to turn the situation around is no different than a chess player in a weak position. You have to stay focused on your goal, keep calm, and keep your goal of getting back to a position of strength. Whats more important for you is to analyze the moves you have made that has put you where you are, differentiate between bad luck and bad moves, acknowledge your bad moves and learn from them. Whats even more important is to tune out any distractions, stop feeling sorry for yourself, understanding that you are the master of your destiny, and seizing on the opportunities  that come your way!  If you practice the above no matter where you are positioned you will always get to the position of strength!

Your Life Is Poker: 

Ask anyone about a good poker player and the first few adjectives that will come to their mind will be deceiving, someone who bluffs, someone who will lie to win pots etc. All the negative connotations.  
However they often forget that a good poker player is very strategic, has a great knack for reading the situations, is patient and unflappable, and best of all always makes the best of the hands that he is dealt with.  I have often said that anyone can play poker after they see the flop (first three cards after first round of betting) but a great poker player knows how to play before the flop! 

And thats the primary reason why I say life is poker! At every step of the way you are dealt cards and its up to you how you play them. You are not always dealt the best hands, wont we all wish if we were, but often you are dealt crappy hands and you have to make the best of it and know how to act/react before the flop! 

Like poker life deals you one good hand for every eight to ten crappy hands. And like poker you dont have a choice to only play when you are dealt good hands - often you are forced to be in the game even though you are dealt a 7 - 2 off suite.  The key to ensure you are still in the game and preferably ahead  is to know how to make the best of hands you are dealt. And to do that you have to accept the hands you are dealt, stay calm and unflappable, strategic,analyzing your odds, and end result of every move you want to make, but best of all staying focused and positive and the dealer will throw you a break! However if you invest all your energy and thoughts worrying about the bad hands you are dealt you will soon be knocked out! 

So stop worrying and complaining about the bad hands you are dealt and start making the best of what you have! Trust me by staying positive in all situations you will catch some good but unexpected breaks. 

I should also point out that there is also something called luck! Good & Bad. But I also believe that the ratio of sincere hard work versus luck is 70 to 30! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will be honored if your took a lesson or two from it!  

Thanks for reading. 

As usual comments and questions are welcome!

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