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Praising People Earns You Loyalty!
by Musthafa Ebadi on February 17th, 2014

One of the keys to success is to have successful relationships. And relationships are cultivated and nurtured through appreciation of people, their deeds, and good qualities. I have believed all my life that everyone wants to do a good job at everything they do – personal or professional. None of us wake up and say “I want to do a lousy job today”. Rather we start our day hoping and planning to do everything to the best of our ability.

The natural tendency of a human being is focus and point negatives more than positive. So while we may point every negative we fail to point the positive thus limiting our appreciation and praise of other people.

And by nature if someone points our negatives we tend to take distance from them and even dislike them, which combined with our tendency to point our negatives more than positive, we consistently degrade relationships. Successful people have mastered the art of praising people  & thus have mastered art of building relationships.

We should seek to praise people and praise them for things that they do good. If you pay careful attention you will notice that every person has some good qualities and do certain things better than anyone else. If you genuinely appreciate and praise them you will start building relationships as they will start liking you more. Remember a time when someone told you something about yourself in a praising manner? It was great, wasn’t it? You probably liked that person more after they praised you, didn’t you?

When we begin to praise people for their real positive aspects the overall relationships grows. Your influence and leadership grows. It builds you loyalty. When the person is appreciated and praised, they become fiercely loyal, because they know that you care for them, love them, and appreciate them. They will be more receptive to your feedback on their areas of improvement.

You can start praising people rightaway. Start by catching them doing something right. Look at their character traits and notice their honesty, hardwork, a skill, and ability to do something right.

Make sure your appreciation is heartfelt, is genuine, and is a sentence or two describing their ability or character trait. You should never praise them for sake of praising, or be fake in your praising. That will eventually destroy your credibility and thus the relationship.

And once you have built relationship based on loyalty, trust, and appreciation it will help them help you!

Don’t Wait! Start to catch them doing something right.

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