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Are You A Good People Manager?
by Musthafa Ebadi on March 12th, 2014

If you take a poll among People Managers in any organization to ask them if they are a good people manager chances are the rate of respondents with affirmative answer will be in high 90s. If you ask the same question of their respective employees the rate would be lower if not significantly lower.
In every industry there is a gap between how good managers think they are versus how their employees assess them. The easiest way to find out is to participate in a periodic formal assessments where you ask your employees to rate you anonymously and without any consequences. If you are serious about being a good people manager you should not only accept their feedback but encourage them to give you that feedback. After all there is no higher honor but for your people to think that you are good manager!
If you cannot participate in a formal assessment immediately here are five questions your can ask yourself and find out if you are a good manager:

1. What Type of Emails You Send?

Are your emails one word “yes” or “no” most of the time? Or do you take the time and put an effort to respond to your people?  Managers have a tendency to be abrupt, especially when they're answering emails on the go, and while it may be efficient many of us don't realize how detached we come across.  Adding a Please, Thank you, or a sentence to your email will go a long way to employee’s perception of you.
2. How you interact with your people?
Is most of your interaction with your people through email and phone calls or is it Face-to-Face? Employees cherish meeting face to face and talking with their manager in person instead of typing emails or playing the telephone game.
I have also noticed that many managers communicate difficult messages through email. My rule is the tougher the discussion the more need for it to happen face to face.
3. How often your people call in sick?
Do you have a good attendance rate for your team? That’s another indication that you have a motivated team which ultimately is a reflection of you! On the other hand most employees will fake sickness to avoid a bad boss. Check the attendance of your team for the last 6 months and identify the trend!
4. Do your people meet deadlines?
Do your people have their assignments completed on time? Or do they constantly miss the deadlines even after putting extra hours?  High performing teams meet and exceed their expectations because they are motivated, inspired, and like their job. As a manager you should take pride in that because no team can be optimally functional without a very good manager!
5. How loud are you?
Do you speak in a calm and steady manner or do you usually get loud? Speaking loudly to your employees corrodes the morale of your team and erodes their confidence. I have always said that anyone can do and say the right thing when situations are favorable to our likings. It how we respond at times of adversity and frustration that defines our through character.
If you take the time and answer the above 5 questions candidly then you have a good assessment of where you stand as a people manager. One of the good assessment tools is the 360 degree feedback which peels the onion for you more and deep dive in your traits as a manager.
Remember to continue to assess and to invest in yourself to be a good people manager! Its an honor to lead and serve people so do it right!
Feel free to agree, disagree, or share your perspective using the comment section of this post. 

Thanks for reading! 

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