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Growth Happens When You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!
by Musthafa Ebadi on April 9th, 2014

We all need growing like we need air, water, and food! If we want to lead a happy, successful, and prosperous life we should be growing as an individual, as a person, and as a professional. We should be growing consistently. 

One easy way to grow is to learn! And as I have said often you never lose anything by learning. No matter what you learn just have the drive and passion to learn.  Pick up a book, sign up for a training class, assess gaps in your knowledge and try to upgrade it.  Improve on your existent skills!
The other thing you could is learn from your experience, and to me we are our own best teachers. That is easier say than done as it will require us to check our egos "at the door" and check it every day. 

What I do everyday before I go to bed is summarize my day in my mind and point out 1 - 2 things that I could have done better. Not 1 or 2 things that others could have done better, not 1 or 2 things that luck would have brought me, and not 1 or 2 things that I deserved but rather 1 or 2 things that I didnt do as well as I could have or should have.  Sometimes its basically admitting to yourself your mistakes and a plan on how to correct and not repeat them again.  

Over the years I have been blessed with some amazing mentors from whom I have learnt alot, and I can say that I have learnt equally from myself. 

We simply dont grow unless we learn, train, and/or improve.  And the only way we can learn, train, or improve is if we come out of our comfort zone. 

For those who are not sure our comfort zone is simply the zone where we are comfortable. We are comfortable with our surroundings, we are comfortable with the company around us, we are comfortable with our achievements and accomplishments, and we are comfortable with our knowledge, skill, and personality! We are simply comfortable with who we are! 

That’s when our demise starts.   

In today's world where technology is moving at the speed of light, and there is information inflow at the rate never seen before by not growing we are simply making ourselves obsolete.  People around us are consuming information as much as they consume oxygen thanks to the world of Twitter, Facebook, and Smartphones. And if we are not growing slowly and gradually we will become dinosaurs. 

And the only way we can grow is if we come out of our comfort zone! 

So leave the comfort zone and start investing and growing yourself now! 

Feel free to agree, disagree, or share your perspective using the comment section of this post. 

Thanks for reading!

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