Musthafa Ebadi
Failure Is Incubator To Success
by Musthafa Ebadi on April 29th, 2014

For those who know me they know that I a big hockey fan. Often times my analogies are centered around hockey and how a coach or General Manager of a hockey team would handle and a situation.

It’s a sports that I love and try to learn lessons of leadership from it. There is also no secret that my favorite team is the Ottawa Senators – my hometown team.

If you don’t follow Ottawa Senators or hockey let me give you a brief summary their season this year to put some context around this post. Over the last two season they were picked by hockey pundits to finish in the bottom echelon of the league however each year they over achieved and last year they even advanced past first round of playoffs by defeating the favorite Montreal Canadienns in 5 games. Their coach was named coach of the year, and the same pundits lavished the team with high praises.

Naturally this year the expectation was that they will advance to the next round and perhaps win a round or two, however, after the season was over they finished 11th in the east and missed the playoffs by 5 points. I watched the end season of press conference by their general manager Bryan Murray and one of the things that he said was so profound. When asked about his coach he said that losing teaches you a lot. 

If you think about it sometimes its good to lose or fail. When we are in position of strength, on a winning streak, or on top of our game there is a chance that we get complacent, get in our comfort zone, and get cocky or even arrogant. There is a good chance that we may stop learning as a result of feeling too good about ourselves.

However when we fail or lose we often will start self reflection, dissection of what went wrong, what we did wrong, and what can we do to succeed next time. This process is an extremely beneficial and significant learning curve if carried out properly.

Whenever we fail or lose its fully understandable that the first few hours or days, depending on the degree of loss, is spent in mourning, frustration, anger, and/or denial. And once we are past those stages we only have two choices; either play the blame game or use the failure to improve ourselves. Successful people always choose the latter.  They use their failures to learn, grow, and improve who they are as a person and as a professional. 

Failure can truly be an incubator of success, or as Bryan Murray said losing teaches you a lot.

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