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My Breakup After 12 Years of Relationship!
by Musthafa Ebadi on May 9th, 2014

If you ask anyone about break ups they will tell you that it’s a difficult and sensitive topic to talk about. The longer you have been in a relationship/partnership the harder it is to part way. You always want to give it another chance, you would think that things will get better, you would hope that whatever the other half is promising is true and they will stick to their word.
You refuse to see the trends of downhill track in relationship and continue to mislead yourself that things will get better!

Recently I made a difficult of decision of breaking up after 12+ years of a relationship. It was the relationship I had with my cable and internet provider Rogers Communications. Ok I think you were looking for some more dramatic admission of breaking up with my better half but knock on wood I am blessed to be in a relationship with her so there is no chance of that happening!
Circling back to my decision to “break up” with was an easy but a well thought out decision. It was not a reactionary and one that we both saw it coming.

I became a Rogers’ customer in August of 2001 and I absolutely loved their service which is the number one criteria for me whenever and whoever I do business with.

 For the 1st 10 years I had no issues with products and services I had. From time to time I would see extra charges on my bill that I hadn’t signed up for but as soon as I would give them a call they would remove it and apologize for their mistake. I had upgraded and downgraded my services few times with them in that time span and everytime they delivered on the timelines and commitments.  

In the last 3 years I started to notice a decline in the level of service Rogers was providing to me. It initiated with lack of speed issue which took me 3 trips to a Rogers’ store and 3 different modem swaps to finally realize that it was the connection into my condo that was the culprit and not the modems I was sent for to stores. What made the experience more agonizing was every agent I spoke with demonstrated a lack of basic customer service.

Few months later I scheduled a move & they continued to give me run around each time the appointment was schedule for. Even though I called to schedule the move 37 days in advance they missed it twice. Finally 3rd time was the charm.

Granted that once the service was moved the onsite technician and the customer service agents were professional and helpful.

I called them few days later to add unlimited bandwidth for an additional $30  however they sold me on adding a 3rd service (home phone) for only $9.99 and pay only $10 per month for unlimited bandwidth which would add up to $19.99 instead of $30. I had my faith restored and thought that things were getting better till I got my next bill. Not only the phone service was at full price of $24.99 my internet charges were higher, and the additional bandwidth was not added so there was extra charges.

After 2 hours on the phone they assured me that the issue was corrected and although they fixed the charges on my current bill when I received my next bill we were back to square one. Once again I had to call them and this time I was told that the agent who offered me the home phone promo made a mistake since the offer had ended few days before he offered, and now since I had the service for over 30 days I had no choice but to pay $24.99 for home phone for the next 12 months. After talking to 3 different departments for countless hours I was able to parlay the logic to be able to cancel the home phone.
I also cancelled my cable due to continued false promises, lack of ownership, and accountability which are deadly for service based organization.  

After few months of cooling off I thought to give Rogers another chance and called on Tuesday to upgrade my services. The agent I spoke was very rude, didn’t know what services I had, how much I was paying, and continued to argue with me. I realized that nothing had change so asked to cancel my service to which she put me on an abrupt hold and transferred me to customer relations.  After 52 minutes and 45 seconds with customer relations department they  offered to upgrade my services and scheduled a technician to do it onsite to compensate for the rude behavior of the 1st agent.  
The appointment was between 2-4 but again no one showed up so at 4:30 I called to find out that there was no appointment, then after 2 transfers was told that the appointment was for 4 – 6 however there was a mistake and no technician was scheduled so next appointment they had was for Saturday night.

To me this was yet another example of not delivering  commitments, taking your customer’s for granted, breaching trust, lack of ownership & accountability, and correcting mistakes. It dawned me that I pay to get stressed so I decided to break this partnership and started to shop around.
I started browsing BELL’s website and had a wonderful lady named Gloria initiate an online chat, was very professional, extremely patient, walked me through few options, was very responsive, and was able to close a deal.
Even though it will cost me more with BELL than with Rogers I was so infuriated by poor customer service from Rogers that any degree of service will be a tremendous upgrade. I don’t mind paying more for quality & superior service. And having spent all my professional life in service industry I can tell you that if you treat your customer’s right revenue and profit will follow not matter how expensive your product or service  – Starbucks, Apple, & Amazon are few examples that come to mind.
Hopefully Rogers will learn one day and go back to what they were known for – exceptional customer service!
Feel free to agree, disagree, or share your perspective using the comment section of this post.
Thanks for reading!

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Akbar Popal - May 9th, 2014 at 1:57 PM
Great read. When I was reading this blog I couldn't help but relate. We had a very similar experience with a very similar response - switching carriers.
Given - May 9th, 2014 at 8:42 PM
Same experience with Rogers. My home phone bill recently went as high as $76, who does that ! Use your home fphone which we rarely use to that amount. Still shopping around. We need more communication companies to brinfg competition
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