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Success belongs to those who learn, grow, study and practice. - Robin Sharma
by Musthafa Ebadi on June 7th, 2014

I recently read a quote by Robin Sharma which said and I quote “success belongs to those who learn, grow, study and practice.”

I thought it was a very profound statement. If you think about it the habits that Mr. Sharma is pointing out are extremely powerful in our quest for  improvement.

 Thus it isn’t surprising that he has captured the ingredients for success in such a simple and elegant phrase.

When we learn we improve our knowledge of a particular subject. We should never stop learning, and learning doesn’t have to be formal. You could pick up a book to enhance your knowledge in something you are interested. You could watch tutorial videos, join a club, read articles etc. Learning never hurts and more often than not pays huge dividends.

Next Mr. Sharma talks about growth. We continue to grow as a person as well as a professional in our lives. The rate of our growth is dependent on few factors including but not limited to our desire to grow, our surroundings, our comfort zone, people we associate with, and how we spend our time. People who are interested to succeed should dedicate more time to their personal and professional growth. We become better when we grow.

Study like learning doesn’t have to be formal school studies. If you could dedicate time and resources to study then that’s icing on the cake however even if you don’t have all the required elements to join a formal program you could still study using the other resources around you. Our brain is like a cutting saw; in order for it to function well it has to be sharp! And it can only remain sharp if its in continuous use and is supplemented with proper sharpening techniques. One of the key techniques of keeping our minds sharp is by continuous studies.

Practice makes a man perfect! I am sure by now you have heard of this quote many times. I truly believe that it’s the continuous practices that sets the average apart from the great. I follow many sports and often am in awe of the great sports personalities and their achievements. If you spend some time studying them you will notice that apart from tremendous talent that god has gifted them they are exceptional in practicing with they do.

Recently I made a change in my life because I could no longer practice what I was good it and I was afraid that having identified my niche if I stopped practicing I will become obsolete. More over practice puts what we learn and study into action. And like a chain saw if we don’t use our minds by practicing what we learn our minds will get corroded.

As I stated in the beginning I believe Robin Sharma has captured the ingredients for success very beautifully in this quote. If you are not familiar with his work you are missing a big opportunity to stimulate positive change in your life.
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