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Victory Has A Thousand Fathers But Defeat Is Orphan!
by Musthafa Ebadi on June 17th, 2014

I read the title of this blog some 15 years ago and back then I thought it was very true.

As I grew up and started my journey in leadership roles I realized that its not entirely through. 

While I believe that a win or success has thousand fathers – thousand different people trying to take credit – a failure has one parent; the leader.

Recently the Province of Ontario in Canada had an election for its parliament and even though I am not a fan of politics I do follow election campaigns because it’s an incredible learning tool for leaders. The Ontario elections were no different. To give you a bit of context when the elections were called on May 2nd 2014 the incumbent Liberal party marred with massive corruption allegations, irregularities, and being in power for more 11 years were in a downward spiral of support among residents of Ontario.

The Progressive Conservatives (PC) on the other hand were riding a wave of desire for change and coupled with its charismatic leader Tim Hudak the worst case predictions were a minority PC government with indirect support from New Democratic Party (NDP) &  Liberals. That was the worst case scenario. A lot of pundits predicted a PC majority government, with NDP as official opposition, and Liberals a distant 3rd to replicate the government structure at the Federal level.

On the night of June 12 2014 when the results were announced there were many astounded political experts after learning that Liberals had not only won the election but had won the majority of seats.

As the days have gone by there have been enormous praise for leader of the Liberal party Kathleen Wynne from many circles including former First Lady and former Secretary of the State of United States Hillary Clinton. And as a leader who pulled off an unexpected majority she deserves all the praise and accolades.

Tim Hudak on the other hand has taken responsibility for the results for his party (which every political leader publicly does) however I am not sure if his supporters put the whole responsibility on his shoulders. If they don’t then they should. Why?

As a leader Mr. Hudak did not resonate with general population when the campaign started even though off all the 3 leaders he was the most charismatic. He started to appeal more to his core base of supporters and scared off many of the people who were thirsty for change. He failed to grab the attention and support of undecided voters who simply needed a leader to guide them through the tough times our province was going through. 

Mr. Hudak lost further credibility when he proposed a job plan that did not add up. I have said many times that once you lose credibility as a leader its extremely difficult and complicated process to gain it back. He failed to capitalize on the economic track record of Conservative Party of Canada at federal level and instead focused all his energy trying to speak to his dedicated base that were supporting him through thick and thin.  

When you put all the above together it’s a reciepe for disaster for any leader and Mr. Hudak was no exception.

So as a leader he is the father of this failure publicly and privately.

And over the years I have coined my own phrase that You Win As a Team & You Fail As A Leader!
Feel free to agree, disagree, or share your perspective using the comment section of this post.

Thanks for reading!

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