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Why will I not shave for next 2 weeks?
by Musthafa Ebadi on October 21st, 2014

Over the last few days I noticed few of my team members were growing beards. In one of our team meetings they actually had it on the agenda as something for the entire team participate in to get comradery going because we have four new teammates.

It started to gain steam quickly, and by the end of the discussion everyone was onboard including yours truly.

For those who know me they can attest that every day that I go to work I am clean shaven. I simply hate growing facial hair. And when they were discussing the idea and seeing who is in or who isn’t I was one of the people that put his hand up without any hesitation.

Why did I do it?

There are two reasons:

First, I have always been a team guy. Whenever there is an idea that people on my team or my peers want to participate I am always in – I am just wired that way.  Some of the hobbies that I have right now has been a product of me joining teams as part of team building/activity.

I started watching hockey because my team members at work watched it and it was our past time as a team. I am playing poker because I put up my hand for a poker tournament at work. And recently I started playing ball hockey because few members of my team were playing.

Second, as a leader you are never above the team. If you approve of a team building activity then you should try your best to take part in it. We live in a world where the best form of leadership is servant leadership and the least you can do is make your team feel that you are one of them and not above them.

Of course servant leadership shouldn’t get confused with setting goals, deadlines, deliverables, and enforcing accountability. Part of your responsibility as a leader is to avoid chaos, un-organization, and inefficiency however making your team feel that you are one of them and at their service is the best thing you could do a leader.

We all have a responsibility to serve our people!

I am going to do a photo before and after of this challenge and will post it after the challenge!

And for the next two weeks I am not shaving because I am part of a team!

Feel free to agree, disagree, or share your perspective using the comment section of this post.
Thanks for reading!

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