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Why Team Outings Are Important?
by Musthafa Ebadi on November 21st, 2014

​If you are leading a team you know that its incredibly important to have a team that gets along, like each other, pull for each other, and help each other.

As leaders we have a responsibility to be the driver of the aforementioned requirements.  

In order to have a well functioning team you should ensure you have a transparent operation, a character team - paired on projects and initiatives, resolve any differences among them, and root out any bad influencers.   

You should also ensure there is constant dialog among team, clear & concise communication, and regular team meetings where they bring each other upto speed with whats going in their domain and the help they may need or are able to extend. 

And last but not least its important to have fun.  You should ensure the team is having fun while working with each other day in and day out, and you should also try to organize some type of regular outing. 

You may have noticed that most of the sports team do a team building exercise before the season starts, and continue it on regular basis mainly during road trips. There is tremendous  value in doing something outside work. It helps immensely with bonding with each other.  

One of the things we do as a team is play ball hockey every Monday as a team against other members of the organization.  I have noticed that there is tons of the fun in the rink, there is real bonding, and the next day all we do is talk about the game which brings us all that much closer. 

We recently organized a bowling night and apart from being loads of fun we saw each other's other side with our guards down and simply trying to have fun. We have 5 people that are fairly new to the team and I could tell after the outing they are more closely integrated. 

As a leader you should encourage periodic outings however let them decide what they want to do. If it was upto me I would have organized a poker tournament instead of bowling but I know majority of my people wouldnt have liked it. Be the catalyst to make the event happen however let them run with it because its their outing.  

Its incredible how these team outings go a long way in having a team that functions as a well oiled machine. 

If you dont have something regular on schedule make it a priority to do so. However ensure that its something that everyone on your team is behind and you have 100% buy in so you have some work ahead of you. 

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