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7 Ways To Stop Procrastinating!
by Musthafa Ebadi on November 24th, 2014

Procrastination is the mother of most failures.

If you add up the time you waste every day, every week, every month, and every year by putting things off it could add up to half of a life time.

You should always be moving the needle. As the needle gets moved momentum us built and as moment is built need is moved faster.

Its unbelievable how small steps every day leads to big changes, accomplishments, and achievements over time.  
Below is my 5 techniques to stop procrastinating:
1. Set Yourself a Goal to Achieve
One of the most effective ways to fight back against procrastination is to have a goal to work towards in your life. Whether it is something as simple as completing your next assignment or as big as forming your own company a goal will help you focus your energies and provide impetus to get up and get things done.
2. Break Goals Down Into Smaller Parts
Another excellent strategy for making work easier  is to break goals  down into smaller tasks. For example if you want to form you own company start with steps required such as registering, services you offer, marketing, hiring etc.
You could then break each part into further steps until they become tasks that you can complete in few hours – in other words moving the needle.
3. Identify Crucial Work & Attack it First
Although I’m a big fan of trying to get everything complete, I also believe that prioritization of work is extremely important - and is something that can really help you to become more motivated and fight back against procrastination.
You need to identify the most crucial/important work on your schedule, and then do that first. There’s no point in wasting your time, energy, and drive on doing insignificant tasks first.
Make sure you tackle any mission-critical work first, so that you can dedicate the maximum amount of energy possible to it.  
4. Discover Your Biggest Distractions
Whether it is social media, texting, TV, online games and entertainment there is bound to be something that has a tendency to keep you distracted from your work.
You need to identify your biggest distractions and time-wasters, and then try to eliminate or block them when you need to get work done.
5. Use Productivity Apps
In the age of the smartphone there is an almost endless supply of quality apps and programs that you can carry with you wherever you go, which will help you to beat procrastination and manage your time more effectively.
I’m a big fan of using “to-do list”apps that allow you to create a list of tasks you wish to complete in a day, and then check off as you complete them. I personally use wunderlist.
6. Improve Lifestyle Factors
In order to stop procrastination, find motivation, and become more energetic, you need to also look at lifestyle factors. I’m talking about things like diet, exercise, and sleep.

If you have poor diets, exercise infrequently, and get insufficient sleep, are all more prone to procrastination. The reasons for this are numerable; what matters is the change you can make!
In order of importance, I would recommend that you focus on:
  1. Getting regular exercise to elevate your mood and enhance mental focus
  2. Ensuring you get sufficient sleep, so that you have the energy you need to be active
  3. Improving your diet (reduce the amount of processed/junk foods you eat, and increase the amount of vegetables, fruit, and “brain foods”, such as oily fish in your diet). 
7. Force Yourself to Take Action
Last but not the least ensure you take action. Forcing yourself to take those baby steps will have a grand effect in your life. Get over the feeling of not wanting to do something, and just do it. After all, the best solution for procrastination is to get something done.

Feel free to agree, disagree, or share your perspective using the comment section of this post.
Thanks for reading

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