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Super Simple Success Tips For Employee Motivation
by Musthafa Ebadi on December 9th, 2014

Our primary job as people managers are to have a highly motivated team of employees who can serve our customers with passion who ultimately pays our bills!

There have been many good and some great articles on how to keep your employees motivated by various leadership Gurus. Recently I came across this article by Martin Haworth.  

When I went through his post I thought that he had captured it pefectly. I have been able to incorporate few of it in my own day to day style and am hoping it will help you too. 

Mr. Haworth made it clear that as long as the article is in its entirty I was free to share it with my followers! 

Here is his  Super Simple Success Tips For Employee Motivation.

1. Give Get Basics Right
Focus on ensuring what's important to them and, where it is in your control, make sure it's delivered, without fail to build their trust in you.

2. Give Ownership
Let your people take the actions on what you want them to deliver and trust them to do it as well, if not better than you.

3. Provide Challenge
Encourage and stimulate them to try more, rather than bore them and they will be motivated to stay and deliver for you.

4. Delegate Effectively
Use delegation as a value-creating option to free your time as well as create valuable learning activities for them, growing their opportunities for the future (and more effective team).

5. Partner with Them
Manage less, partner more. Create open and balanced relationships where you value and respect each other, working as partners.

6. Listen to Them
Show you really hear the words they say to you, by the follow up actions you demonstrate and a real interest in their contributions.

7. Create Trust
Whatever and however you do it, you will find motivating your people all the easier when they trust you - and you them too.

8. Have Fun!
It's OK to have fun! You can encourage this by taking part and providing the resources. The easiest way to have fun, is to make the time to laugh together.

9. Say Thank-You
t's cheap and cheerful and quick. By ensuring that you take the time to thank people authentically for their contribution you will see them respond.

10. Provide Reward
Ensure that you respond to the requirements within your people to have appropriate reward structures – if you do the work, this does not always mean additional financial cost.

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