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Why As A Leader Its Imperative To Be Optimist!
by Musthafa Ebadi on December 10th, 2014

​Over the last few years the management paradigm has shifted immensely.

While the old school management was about control, intimidation, and top down communication the landscape in the last few years has evolved.

Now management is about motivating, inspiring, and serving your people. I am a big fan of servant leadership concept which dictates that your primary job as a leader is to serve your people. 

Today's generation of workers want to be coached, developed, and motivated. They want to have open communication and a dialog with their manager.

While as managers we still have to hold them accountable we can only succeed if we set proper expectations, communicate those expectations, and review them periodically. This type of leadership mentality is something that we have to learn over time and for those who were trained with old style of management its a major under taking to make the change.

The prerequisite of this change is believe. Believing that this is the right approach, right philosophy, and the right style of leadership. You cannot fake your way through it. 

The other attribute that your people expect to see in you as their leader is to be a force of optimism. Staying positive (for most part) is very important to have a high caliber team.

Your team looks at you every step of the way and as someone who is positive, enthusiastic, and energetic you will be able to infect them the same way. Remember that both optimism and pessimism are contagious. And when you have a team of positive people you will notice the difference in level of performance. It will also make it much more easier for you to motivate and inspire your team with your strategies and vision. 

If you are not positive as a leader your knock the wind out of the sails of your team. No matter how hard you work or what else you do lacking optimism and enthusiasm will not yield you high results. 

And for you to stay positive and energetic you need to be happy with what you do, love your circumstances, and the environment  you are in.  Are you? If not then thats where the change needs to start. 

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