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How to Motivate Your Team?
by Musthafa Ebadi on December 16th, 2014

Motivations are two types: Intrinsic and Extrinsic.

​While intrinsic motivations are from within extrinsic motivation are external factors that help motivate individuals and teams.  

Below are the 5 albeit not expensive techniques to motivate your team or an individual .

1. Pick someone on your staff and send them on a mini vacation
One of the best rewards you can give an employee in your office is to send them on a quick vacation. Maybe it's just a weekend at a resort across town or something fairly inexpensive. But by sending one person on your team, you are motivating everyone, because it could be another person's turn to go next time. You're creating an atmosphere of rewards.

2. Remove yourself from a project
The de-motivating factor on a project could be your own presence. Maybe no one is very motivated because they know you will pick up the slack and finish everything. If you aren't around and the project depends entirely on their efforts, the team might suddenly become much more motivated--especially if they know you're not going to bail them out.

3. Turn the doldrums upside down
A good motivator for people is when some activity that seems fairly routine suddenly turns fun. 

4. Promise what you can deliver
Nothing kills motivation like a promise that isn't fulfilled. Yet, you can easily motivate someone by promising exactly what you can deliver. If the sales rep needs a boost and you know you can add a 5 percent bonus if he or she completes a certain objective, go ahead and offer that motivation. Take it a step further and get really specific about what the end result will be if the employee does what you are asking. The more specific you get, the more you can motivate. Don't just say there will be a bonus, say when, how much, and how often.

5. Give someone more leadership responsibility
Everyone likes being in charge--well, most people, anyway. One good motivator is to give more management responsibility to someone on your team. It's a reward that motivates because it shows you are aware of that person and their potential to lead. It helps an employee see that there is a bright future that could involve a promotion at some point.

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