Musthafa Ebadi
Musthafa Ebadi
Welcome to Musthafa Ebadi's website

I have designed this website simply to reach out and keep in touch and give people an opportunity to know me better.

I am also a believer that with technology moving at the speed of light having websites would be next step in our cyber lives. I wanted to get a head start and decided to design this website.

Please use this site to know me better and feel free to send me all your comments and feedback using my contact information on my contact page.

P.S. I read somewhere that said you should alway be Yourself. Well I AM Musthafa Ebadi, shortformed Musthafa Ebadi to ME hence IAMME!

10 hours ago
FOCUS & PERSISTENCE: Success comes faster when we understand the important & then take action until we make it happen. #leadership
14 hours ago
We become leaders when we accept the responsibility to protect those in our care. - Simon Sinek #leadership
3 days ago
Like father like daughter!…
4 days ago
Leaders, you have to provide the 'why?', so the 'what?' and 'how?' make sense. #leadership
4 days ago
ā€œSuccess is the result of a delicate balance between making things happen and letting things happen.ā€ Robin Sharma #leadership